Alfredo Pérez Muíño

Alfredo Pérez Muíño started his solo career in 2004; and in addition to this he participates in numerous projects with many national and international companies; as a clown, dancer, actor and director. What characterizes his interpretations and differentiates him in a remarkable way are the multidisciplinary skills which define him, and the diversity of projects he has participated in during his career. This includes performances on five continents.


In 2019 N+1 began as a personal project where Alfredo shares the legacy of the learnings carried out in his professional career, as well as a framework to develop his artistic concern. This also ensures he continues with his solo work and his own collective proposals, in addition to collaborating with other theatre, circus and dance companies.

N + 1


There are many diverse Galician and Spanish companies Alfredo has worked with as a performer / creator; Lusco e Fusco, Elefante Elegant, Chévere, San & San, Teatro Circo Price and Pistacatro.

His next creation is with Matarile Teatro in co-production with the National Dramatic Center.

On tour

IO Company

Together with Beatriz Rubio and Álbaro Reboredo, Alfredo presented ESPIDA, a journey investigating the idea of gender through non-binary, desire, loneliness, vulnerability and strength.

Circus bodies out of their comfort zone offer to travel places where possible.

The Chipolatas

Since 2013 Alfredo has toured with the English / Australian company ‘The Chipolatas’ with the show GENTLEMEN OF THE ROAD and the four-component version, LA BOMBA. Transcending trends, capturing hearts and crossing borders, these clowns lead to a performance where the idea is to celebrate. The show combines circus, theatre and live music and makes for a common ground where magic is made.


Apart from Alfredo’s work in theatres, auditoriums and the streets, he also works behind the camera as a dancer for Pisando Ovos, Guadi Galego and Sixteen Thunders.

Social Circus

One aspect that determined Alfredo’s qualities as an artist-creator was the interest in social work, specializing in the hospital clown ‘The Clown Doctor’. In 2007 he began a collaboration with the Theodora Foundation which lasted for more than 10 years, visiting hospitalised children in Galicia, Madrid, Barcelona, ​Gran Canaria and Istanbul.

In 2011 he travelled to India with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to cover a program of hospital artists and the representation of shows in rural areas in the community of Anantapur.

He also collaborated with the María’s Children’s Foundation in Moscow, visiting the Beslán (Ossetia) school as well as different orphanages in the Russian capital.

He emphasised with the warlike conflict zones his passage through the West Bank, where he visited the Nablus and Ramallah hospitals, as well as collaborating with numerous educational institutions and cultural associations as a member of various clown caravans.



Mozart’s music leads us in the key of a clown through human relations

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Where we came from? Where we are going? Why are we still here?

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Playful theatre, dance and acrobatics, clown for adults and children

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Where weaknesses become strengths

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And also...

Show management

Alfredo Pérez participates as director in shows for various theatre, circus and dance companies as well as in several of his own creations.

Among the projects in which he has collaborated, the award winning shows are namely ‘Encontros’ by Cía. Lusco e Fusco and ‘Nucabunga’ by Elefante Elegantly, which won the Jury Prize at the Valladolid TAC in 2011 and the Best Show Award at the María Casares in 2013 respectively.


Graduated in Physical Education and Sports (INEF Galicia) he develops a teaching work specializing in disciplines related to knowledge and awareness of the body, its expressive and movement possibilities. He thus he imparts formations of clown, dramatic corporal mime, acrobatics, theater, dance and yoga.


Beginning in 2019, Alfredo worked at the headquarters of A Casa do Grilo in A Estrada (Pontevedra) This organisation welcomes artists and companies in residence in the following formats: rehearsal, creation, direction and construction (props and scenography).

Artistic Residencies

In the last works we had the possibility of sharing our space with Co. Io, Co. A Vela Circo, Co. Exire and the creators Antía Vidal and Greta Rúas.

Artistic Residencies


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